Mobile phone

EGYPTAIR has the pleasure to introduce the new mobile phone service onboard its new A330-300 aircrafts.
On selected A330-300 EGYPTAIR flights, you can use your mobile phone to while seated.

If you have a Smartphone or a standard GSM phone you can now enjoy the onboard international roaming network to

  • Make and receive calls on your mobile.
  • Send and receive text and multimedia messages.
  • Browse the internet and send e-mails.
To connect to OnAir with your mobile phone

  • Turn on your mobile phone as soon as the sign switches off.
  • The OnAir name will appear on your mobile phone screen as soon as you obtain the network connection, and you may then use your mobile as you usually do.
  • Use your phone in the usual way, remembering to dial 00 + country code + phone number.
Call Charges

Onboard communication will be charged by your home mobile service provider, at international roaming rates, as is the case when you use your mobile phone abroad.

Important notice:

As a courtesy to fellow passengers, please set your mobile device to silent or Vibrate mode. Use of your mobile phone is prohibited when the sign is illuminated.

EGYPTAIR wish you a nice flight